January 30, 2017
"A pioneering cake artist and Experimental Food Society member, Connie Viney’s works are delicious, often otherworldly masterpieces that indulge the senses. Whether creating a unique cake to mark a personal celebration or a showstopper for an event or exhibition, she does so with a flair and professionalism that sets her apart. Already generating quite a following, she is one to watch!"

March 26, 2016
"Connie Viney is an absolute pleasure to work with and always delivers creations that are above expectations and with the greatest of enthusiasm. She has produced two very outlandish creations for me over the last couple of years: a 7 foot gingerbread house and an 8 foot centenary celebratory cake, both of which were magnificent centrepieces at BBC Winter Good Food Show".

January 30, 2014
"I cannot express the joy that the customised cake I ordered from Connie Viney Cakes brought to my team. I don't think anyone expected the level of detail and humour and I know no one thought that something that looked so good could also taste amazing."

Connie read my mind and took my loose direction and delivered my vision precisely. The entire experience was a pleasure with the highlight being blowing the mind of the recipient"

January 25, 2014
"Connie’s 'Alternative Christmas' 7 foot cake proved to be one of the highlights of Edinburgh’s Christmas marketing campaign. The delicious cake was situated in Edinburgh’s premium retail store and attracted many admirers. Connie worked day and night for us to make sure the cake was delivered on time".

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